Residential Scotchgard™ in Denver and Houston

Scotchgard Carpet & Rug Protector Carpet Cleaning

What is Scotchgard™, and why is it so important? Most carpets already have a factory applied protective barrier but over time, and with regular wear, it breaks down. Renew that barrier with Scotchgard™ carpet & rug protector every time you have your carpet cleaned. Applying Scotchgard™ to your carpet will help aid in repelling most liquids, allowing spills to be removed before staining can occur.

How does it work? Scotchgard™ forms a molecular shield around each carpet fiber. This shield increases the surface tension of the carpet fibers, causing them to repel liquid spills, dust, and dirt. This helps prevent dirt and stains from being ground in or absorbed by the carpet fiber.

Choosing Scotchgard™ carpet & rug protector carpet cleaning protection for your Denver or Houston home means you will keep one of your biggest investments looking newer for longer. Contact us to talk about protecting your carpet.