Green Cleaning - Cleaning With A Conscience

How we came up with “cleaning with a conscience” for our business is quite simple. As parents of 4 kids and countless pets over the years we have used  A LOT of cleaning products. That's why we make it a priority to use non-toxic cleaning products so they are safe as possible for our family's health.  After some research, talking with family, friends and our customers we found that so many have the same priority too. That's when we decided to focus on finding quality professional grade products we could use in our customer's home that met that same priority.

Lots of companies advertise they are using “environmentally-safe” or “green”  products but in some cases that can simply mean the containers are recyclable. That's not good enough for us. We want products whose primary focus is what's on the inside. Products that focus on not just the level of cleaning results but on our personal  health & well-being too. Now that's what what we call “cleaning with a conscience.”

We have personally spent countless hours researching & testing the products we use to ensure our customers we are using the highest quality products available. The same products we use in our customers home's we use in our own home.  That shows how confident we are in the all around quality of the products we have chosen to use.

Our customers know that they can be confident their home is being cleaned with products that are safer for their home environment than standard residential carpet cleaning products while still receiving the same professional level results they are looking for.

If you have the same priority for your home & family then you choose to have your carpets not just clean, but ECO Clean!